Shinsuke Nakamura def. Tye Dillinger

May 30, 2018

Fresh off announcing that he and WWE Champion AJ Styles would be competing in a Last Man Standing Match at WWE Money in the Bank with the title on the line, Shinsuke Nakamura had to prepare for a collision with Tye Dillinger tonight after the two Superstars had gotten into it on Twitter over the weekend, primarily over Dillinger’s “Perfect 10” moniker that, of course, is the pivotal number in the Last Man Standing Match on June 17. 

Dillinger gave it all against The King of Strong Style, but it seemed that Nakamura was just too much for The Perfect 10. With his impending battle against The Phenomenal One on his mind, Nakamura got Tye down and began to start counting to 10. This repeated several times, as Dillinger would simply not stay on the canvas. After three times, Tye lifted himself off the mat at the count of 10 and brazenly flashed his trademark “Perfect 10” hand gesture, then mimicked Nakamura’s “come on” gesture and began to rattle off a flurry of strikes on Nakamura. 

However, that surge would not be enough, as WWE’s Rockstar claimed the victory after getting Dillinger down and then finishing him off with the Kinshasa. After the match, Nakamura connected with another Kinshasa to the back of Dillinger’s neck and then counted to 10 as his opposition lay motionless, clearly sending a major statement to the WWE Champion. 

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