The Bar and Drew McIntyre crashed Kofi Kingston’s WWE Championship celebration

April 9, 2019

New WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and his New Day brethren kicked off SmackDown LIVE with a championship celebration that featured everything from rainbow-colored balloons to a seemingly never-ending supply of pancakes. The group was still amped to the nines as Big E hit another iconic split before Xavier Woods and Big E shared their feelings and reflections on their time with Kofi and their bond as a unit. The Dreadlocked Dynamo was incredibly touched, and he called his WWE Championship victory an “impossible moment,” before showing his love for his family, who were sitting at ringside. 

However, clearly salty after their loss to Kingston & Seth Rollins the previous night on Raw, The Bar interrupted, saying they were owed a thank you for “saving Kofi’s skin” in the Winner Take All Match against Rollins that preceded that tag team match. Sheamus & Cesaro then suggested that Kofi was nothing without his New Day partners and challenged them to a Six-Man Tag Team Match tonight. The New Day were game, but they were curious as to who The Bar’s partner would be. Sheamus & Cesaro revealed that it would be their new friend from Raw … Drew McIntyre.
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