The Rock calls Ricochet a “future champ” and the leader of a new era

April 20, 2018

To be called a future champion by a WWE Legend is an exciting endorsement for any Superstar, but to receive such praise from The People’s Champ is nothing short of electrifying.

That’s exactly what happened to Ricochet Thursday night after a tweet about NXT’s One and Only caught The Rock’s attention.

The Great One’s hat tip was precipitated by an observation from USA Today entertainment writer Brian Truitt. While taking in an NXT Live Event in Washington, D.C., Truitt couldn’t help but notice a similarity between one of Ricochet’s high-flying moves and one of The Rock’s signature moves:

That Ricochet considers The Rock a source of inspiration might not come as a surprise seeing as how Ricochet often cites The Great One as one of his biggest influences (including in a interview this week).

Yet, The Rock didn’t hesitate to share his own thoughts on the black-and-yellow brand’s preeminent high-flyer, whom he has previously described as “incredibly gifted”:

Ricochet thanked The People’s Champ for the king-sized kudo and ID’ed the move in question:

As if the NXT Universe needed any more reason to keep an eye on the man Mauro Ranallo calls “the GIF that keeps on giving,” The Rock’s latest endorsement certainly solidifies it.

Fans in Pennsylvania and Maryland a can catch “The One and Only” Ricochet in action at NXT Live Events tonight in Bethlehem, Pa.; Saturday in Bel Air, Md.; and Sunday in Johnstown, Pa. Select seats are still available at

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