TJP def. Brian Keith

June 6, 2018
TJP vs. Brian Keith: WWE 205 Live, June 5, 2018

TJP once again showcases his abilities in a clash with Brian Keith, but as he battles his opponent, The Fil-Am Flash takes the time to address the WWE Universe, saying his talents may be best utilized on another brand.

First-ever WWE Cruiserweight Champion TJP has been seeking opportunities to show off his abilities, and his competition came in the form of Brian Keith. However, as soon as the bell rang, TJP went for a handshake before leveling his opponent with a surprise clothesline. Grabbing a microphone, The Fil-Am Flash addressed the WWE Universe – and WWE 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick – while he conducted a brutal and effective offense against Keith.

TJP made his discontent clear, believing that his talents would be better utilized on another brand. With that, TJP quickly made Keith submit for the win.

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