TJP def.Kenneth Johnson

March 21, 2018
TJP vs. Kenneth Johnson: WWE 205 Live, March 20, 2018

Still determined to reclaim the WWE Cruiserweight Championship no matter who wins the tournament, TJP battles Kenneth Johnson in singles competition.

Even though TJP was eliminated from the WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament by Cedric Alexander, he remains focused on reclaiming his place at the top of the Cruiserweight division. Looking to reclaim his success after becoming the first-ever WWE Cruiserweight Champion by winning the Cruiserweight Classic, The Duke of Dab squared off with the incredibly agile Kenneth Johnson.

Showing off his trademark arrogance, TJP took control, but it nearly got the best of him, as Johnson fought back, lunging his entire body at his opponent, no doubt to impress WWE 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick.

Fending off Johnson’s offensive flurry, The Duke of Dab targeted his opponent’s knee, allowing him to regain control and execute his patented Detonation Kick. However, rather than securing a pinfall, The Fil-Am Flash applied his trademark kneebar, forcing Johnson to tap out. Victorious, TJP continued to add insult to injury by refusing to release the hold, despite pleas from the official. When he finally relinquished, TJP made sure to take a bow for the WWE Universe.

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