Tommaso Ciampa caused Johnny Gargano to accidentally collide with wife Candice LeRae

May 24, 2018
Johnny Gargano calls out Tommaso Ciampa: WWE NXT, May 23, 2018

Against the wishes of his wife Candice LeRae, Johnny Gargano rips off his neck brace and challenges Tommaso Ciampa to a fight. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

After weeks of speculation about the future of his in-ring career, Johnny Gargano returned to NXT for the first time since being ambushed by Tommaso Ciampa to set the record straight. Accompanied by his wife Candice LeRae and wearing a neck brace, Gargano said the attack had caused him to wonder whether finishing the war with Ciampa was worth the physical and emotional toll. The NXT Universe made their opinion known with resounding “Yes!” chants, and after a moment of contemplation, Gargano agreed, tore off his neck brace and called Ciampa out to the ring.

Visibly shocked by Gargano’s decision, LeRae pleaded with him to reconsider, and as The Blackheart made his way to the ring, LeRae ran for help. She returned moments later with a swarm of NXT referees, who attempted to keep Gargano and Ciampa apart. Acting like a man possessed, Gargano darted around the ring and tried to get at Ciampa while LeRae begged her husband to think about their future. Her pleas appeared to be working until Ciampa, from inside the ring, continued to taunt Gargano, telling him to “be a good little boy” and listen to his wife. 

Enraged, Gargano lunged toward the the ring but was immediately knocked off the apron by Ciampa. Gargano flew backward and collided with LeRae, causing her to hit hard on the steel entrance ramp. Gargano’s fury turned to fear as he tended to his hurt wife and shouted for help from NXT officials. Ciampa, meanwhile, slunk away through the NXT Universe, having created yet another heart-wrenching scene for the first couple of NXT.

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