Wacko Fan Causes Scene at Full Sail University Before Tonight’s NXT Tapings

March 8, 2018

Armando Montalvo, the individual who was shot at after causing a scene at the WWE Performance Center a few years back, returned at tonight’s NXT tapings to cause another scene in the parking lot while fans were waiting to get into the venue.

According to correspondents at tonight’s show, Montalvo was seen running around Full Sail yelling how he could take “Generation X” and that Vince will have to “shoot him again.” Before security could catch up with him, he hoped in a car and rode off.

For those that don’t remember the story, police responded to a complaint back in 2015 of a man trespassing outside of the WWE Performance Center. When deputies arrived to the scene, Montalvo charged them and police opened fire. He was then arrested.

UPDATE: Montalvo posted this footage prior to causing a scene tonight on Instagram:

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