Fox & Rob Rich Interview | TIME II: Unfinished Business | Essence Festival 2024

July 2, 2024

Fox & Rob Rich Interview by Big Gold Belt Media

“TIME II: Unfinished Business,” set to debut at the Essence Festival on Saturday, July 6, 2024.

“TIME II: Unfinished Business” is a gripping sequel to the Oscar-nominated documentary “TIME.” This film captures the aftermath of Rob’s release from a 21-year imprisonment and their ongoing fight for their unjustly imprisoned nephew, Ontario, along with many others entangled in the system. Directed by Fox Rich, the film uses personal video diaries and intimate footage to reveal the brutal realities and unwavering commitment required to fight for justice.

Fox Rich is a fighter, entrepreneur, abolitionist, and mother of six boys. She spent over two decades campaigning for her husband Rob G. Rich’s release, who was serving a 60-year sentence for a bank robbery they committed in a moment of desperation. “TIME II” marks Fox’s directorial debut, combining years of video diaries with present-day footage post-Rob’s release.

Rob Rich, inspired by the American Dream, attempted a bank robbery to salvage their business, leading to a harsh 61-year prison sentence. Thanks to his legal acumen and Fox’s advocacy, Rob was released in 2018. Post-release, he earned a B.A. from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, became a published author, and played a crucial role in passing groundbreaking legislation in Louisiana.


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