Joseph Deighton Gibson Jr. aka Jack the Rapper | Family Members Interview

March 22, 2024

Interview with Joseph Deighton Gibson Jr. aka Jack the Rapper family members by Big Gold Belt Media

Jill Gibson Bell (Jack’s Daughter), Louis Bell Jr. and Einn Gibson (Jack’s Grandsons).

The Jack the Rapper Family Affair was where influential people in Black urban radio gathered and listened to what record companies had to offer. Performing live could launch a new act’s career, and affirmed the viability of older, established musicians like Prince and Whitney Houston. When Rap emerged in the 1980s and 1990s, up-and-coming Rap acts flocked to the Family Affairs, confusing the name ‘Jack the Rapper’ and also attracting an element who caused hotel venues to rethink their relationship with Gibson’s affairs.

Jack The Rapper was featured on episode 303 “Sanctuary” of STARZ series “BMF”

Jack the Rapper Weekend, a national Black Radio Music convention designed to showcase and celebrate Urban R&B and Hip Hop Music in Atlanta turns into chaos when Meech, Glock, the MK’s, the Red Dogs collide. The Techwood Boyz are determined to capture Meech and stage an attack against him and Stacks at Meech’s home. Meech is determined to protected his family and foster BMF in Atlanta starting by purchasing a home with the help of his father Charles.

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