Yeliz – Interview (2021) | Blerdcon 2021

July 23, 2021

Big Gold Belt Media interview with special guest: Yeliz

Yeliz is a cosplay artist from Melbourne, Australia. She’s been creating costumes since 2014 based on video games, anime series, movies and original designs and is extremely passionate about costume making and video games.

“I enjoy attending conventions, as it is a very inspirational and fun community. Being able to meet new people, artists and share your passion with everyone around you is a wonderful thing.”

”Costume making helps me express my love for the characters that I portray. I enjoy working with people who challenge me and give me an opportunity to grow as an artist. Doing things outside of what I normally do is a great way to explore bigger and better things. Helping to teach people, inspiring other artists, being inspired myself, getting involved and discovering new depths of my creativity is what I value most about these experiences. Traveling abroad and having the opportunity to explore new cultures and places is one of the best highlights to what I do.”

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