CZW Renaissance Of Tradition Results: A New Combat Zone

November 3, 2021

One of North America’s premier pro wrestling promotions made its long awaited return last week on October 24th. Combat Zone Wrestling, known for their ultraviolet hard-hitting matches, took an extended hiatus during the initial lockdown in early 2020. Running their last show in Baltimore, Maryland, CZW returned home to New Jersey for a very special event raising money for Breast Cancer awareness. This event was held in the new Studio Z, a beautiful recording studio that left fans drawing comparisons to an underground fight club or NWA Powerrr style of show. A reloaded roster of some of the East Coast finest performers, CZW is building towards the future creating the next generation’s stars and given their track history (Jon Moxley, MJF, Riddle, Adam Cole, & Kevin Owens) there’s bound to be several superstars in the making. In Blackwood, NJ, CZW Renaissance of Tradition was a pay-what-you-can with proceeds going to

The show opened with Nate Wallance, Kris Bishop, Dave McCall, collectively the Rep leading a ten-bell salute for DK Meadows, a CZW wrestler and student who passed away during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Match 1: Jackson Drake defeated Duke O’Connor, “Miami” Mike Walker, and Rayo

A fatal 4-way of CZW’s brightest stars. Since the promotion is rebuilding the brand these stars ushered in the new style of CZW. Jackson Drake, displayed a flurry of high-flying athletics against his North Carolinian counterpart Duke O’Connor & Maryland standouts “Miami” Mike Walker & Rayo.

Match 2: Boom Harden defeated Lucky 13

Boom Harden brought a new level of intensity to the CZW mainstay Luck 13. Boom’s fiery comebacks, strength, and never say die mentality makes him an exciting performer all pro wrestling fans should hope to see live one day. 

Mother Endless cut a promo declaring that she has war with CZW. Referencing the great women in the wrestling business like WWE Hall of Famers Lita & Chyna, Mother Endless seemed to be hinting towards a potential CZW women’s division for her to rule over.  

Match 3: Tyler “Action” Andretti defeated Lucky Ali

Two extremely talented athletes Tyler “Action” Andretti and Lucky Ali have every box checked to go to the next level in the business. Another Maryland standout, Tyler Andretti draws close comparisons to the likes of Ricochet or Lio Rush when he enters the squared circle. Andretti outsmarting Ali’s mind games took to the sky on multiple occasions leaving the fans at Studio Z speechless. It might not have been Ali’s lucky day but I’m sure if any company in the world signed The King of The Carolinas he would most certainly be up next to superstardom. 

Match 4: Paul Jordane defeated Hayden

Paul Jordane might just be the most impressive performer of the night. A first look wouldn’t tell you how agile this 6’7” monster can be in the ring. Destroying Maryland wrestler Hayden, Jordane finished the short match with a 450 splash from the top rope to pick up the victory. Every fan in attendance was massively impressed by Jordane’s skill level.

Match 5: Vinny Talotta defeated Diego Hill

Vinny Talotta & Diego Hill were mentioned by CZW management to be the two prospects of the promotion we can assume will be sitting at the top of the mountain very soon. Vinny Talotta who recently competed in the WWE Los Angeles Tryout was handed the blue clip prospect of the company and is undoubtedly somebody fans should keep their eyes on. Diego Hill held his own in this match even if he didn’t get the victory, also showing why he’s a performer worth going out of your way to watch!

Dante Caballero came out with two men in suits whom he referred to as Familia and cut a promo about being the most dominant wrestler on the planet. Eran Ashe interrupted him, which Caballero took offense to. The two men jumped Ashe, but Ashe beat down both of them. During that, Grim jumped Ashe from behind.

Match 6: Eran Ashe defeated Grim

An absolute hoss match, Ashe & Grim went to war with clubbing blows and intense words exchanged. Grim showed the CZW faithful why he is someone to keep your eyes on taking to the sky and displaying a rare blend of athletics and strength. It wasn’t his night though as Eran Ashe was declared the winner earning him a prominent position in the combat zone.

Match 7: Prolific (Tyree Taylor, Marcus Marquee and Isaiah Wolf) defeated the Rep (Nate Wallace, Dave McCall and Kris Bishop)

New York faction, Prolific have been grinding on the independent scene for years now and seeing them get this opportunity was well earned. Entertaining outside and grapplers in the ring they brought the fight to the Rep. Prolific pins Kris Bishop to win. Bishop afterwards says that he has let the Rep down but Wallace and McCall tells Bishop to pick his head up.

Match 8: Fred Yehi defeated Griffin McCoy

This was lauded as a must-see great match. Fred Yehi is a well-traveled wrestler making his name known in EVOLVE, AAW Pro, & ROH. Yehi brought his veteran experience and one of a kind technical mastermind style to CZW against the upcomer, Griffin McCoy. McCoy, a student of the CZW Dojo has stepped up to the plate and knocked this match out of the park! There was a lot of raving internally of this match, especially McCoy’s performance as a main eventer.

At the end, CZW announced that they have raised $1500 at the show, all of which will be donated to CZW will return on Sunday, November 21 at Studio Z, located at 110 Harmon Dr, Suite 207, Blackwood, NJ.

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