Lady Frost Ready to Cool Things Down at #KnockoutsKnockdown

October 2, 2021

Streaming October 9th on IMPACT Plus and YouTube for IMPACT Ultimate Insiders, IMPACT Wrestling’s all-Knockout event returns. #KnockoutsKnockdown is a night that celebrates the legacy of Knockouts past and present! This event will also feature several new Knockouts competing in the IMPACT ring. #KnockoutsKnockdown will include an 8-woman, one-night-only tournament. One of the competitors in this highly-anticipated tournament is Lady Frost!

The “Coolest Professional Wrestler You’ll Ever Meet,” Lady Frost enters the tournament as the second announced entrant as she joins a field of other Knockouts including Mercedes Martinez, Renee Michelle, and Chelsea Green. As fans of her work, we are excited to see what magic she creates with the other talented women participating in this event. We are also eager for more wrestling fans to see what she can do.

Recently, we reached out to Frost to gain some insight into her experiences being involved with both NWA Empowerrr and Knockouts Knockdown. She also shared her mindset about future all-women’s PPVs and her thoughts about the wealth of talent in IMPACT Wrestling’s Knockouts division, among other topics.

NWA Empowerrr and Impact Knockouts Knockdown have sparked lots of excitement among wrestling fans eager to see women’s wrestling take center stage again. How excited were you to participate in these events and work with legends like Mickie James and Gail Kim?

LF: From major companies working together, the women who built the foundation before us, and all of the talent involved, it’s easy to get excited about women’s wrestling right now. Women like Mickie James and Gail Kim are legends in and out of the ring. It was incredible to work with both of these women, and others such as Jazz, Medusa, and Kong. There was so much to learn from them, but also so much to showcase from all of the women wrestling from every promotion right now. 

Can you describe what the atmosphere was like backstage for both NWA Empowerrr and Knockouts Knockdown?

LF:  The atmosphere backstage at both PPV events was electric. I think everyone was eager to just show out, show off, and showcase our ability to sell tickets. To date, they were the most positive and encouraging locker rooms I’ve been in. Everyone was there for a reason, we believed in each other, and the product. That’s important when you’re building something new. And, it was fun! I think we forget that part of wrestling sometimes. Being so focused on forging our names and being part of history, we miss out on some of the joys wrestling can bring. But these events brought it all.

With the continued popularity of women’s wrestling and the growth of all women’s shows, there are likely lots of young girls who are inspired by what they are seeing. What advice would you give a young fan who may want to enter the wrestling business when she gets older?

LF: It’s challenging to give out advice to young talent. I really believe it’s different for everyone. There’s no clear path. There’s no real right and wrong. I always just suggest that people come in as whole as possible; because if you’re broken and expecting wrestling to heal you, it won’t. It takes more from you than it gives. You must be physically and mentally prepared, as best as possible. Stay true to what you want to do as an individual and performer and pull as much joy from the experience that you can. The lows are low but the highs are the highest. 

Assuming there will be many more all-women’s PPV shows in the future, who would you like to step into the ring with at the next one?

LF: My answer to this question may disappoint. I don’t have dream opponents. I love the unexpected and the unsuspecting talent I can create magic with. It’s usually with someone you don’t expect. You can’t force it. Do I want title opportunities? Absolutely. But that’s more about proving worth, and value. Sure, there are measuring sticks and matches that would look great on a résumé, but I like the surprise of an unlikely battle. 

Any comments about the field of talent you are working with on this upcoming monumental night, October 9th?

LF: As far as the upcoming Knockouts PPV, I already know it’s going to be an incredible event. IMPACT’s women’s division has, almost always, been stacked, and the additional unsigned women being brought in just add to the appeal. I feel like some of my best work will be on display October 9th and I’m excited to show the world what I have to offer, as well as all of the other talented and beautiful women involved.

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