10 dream Mixed Match Challenge pairs we wish we could see

March 23, 2018

The inaugural WWE Mixed Match Challenge on Facebook Watch has given the WWE Universe plenty of thrills, laughs and surprises. Given the amazing combinations that have competed over the past several weeks, WWE.com began to wonder what it would be like if no era was off-limits in constructing the next round of MMC pairs. So, with that, check out these 10 dream Mixed Match Challenge pairs.  

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin & Paige

Matching the attitude and intensity of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is no easy task … but we think Paige would be up for it. The Texas Rattlesnake is known for his ruthlessness and cold-blooded tendencies. Time and again, Paige has proven that she is not in the business of shaking hands or conforming to the norm. The only hurdle for these two would be coming to trust each other. Once they got past that obstacle, it’s hard to imagine anyone stepping to them successfully.

10 dream Mixed Match Challenge pairs we wish we could see

Brock Lesnar & Kharma

When pondering the pairing of Brock Lesnar and Kharma, one word comes to mind: Obliteration. It is hard to fathom a more destructive or dominant team ever being constructed. Their size and strength advantages alone would be hard to rival, but don’t overlook the sheer intimidation factor, either. Imagine having to be the unit standing across the ring from them? Not fun … in fact, utterly horrifying.

10 dream Mixed Match Challenge pairs we wish we could see

Goldberg & Asuka

Who’s next and who’s ready?

With each arguably sporting the most impressive winning streaks in the history of sports-entertainment, Goldberg and Asuka are a natural dream team that captures the imagination. Both Superstars are intense, impactful and clearly possess the clutch gene in spades.

The question with this team wouldn’t be if they were going to win, but how quickly.

10 dream Mixed Match Challenge pairs we wish we could see

Eddie Guerrero & Sasha Banks

Some dream teams are just written in the stars.

Sasha Banks has made it no secret that her all-time favorite Superstar is Eddie Guerrero, even going as far as to pay tribute the former WWE Champion with her ring gear at WrestleMania 32. And it wouldn’t be going out on a limb to say that Latino Heat would be a fan of Banks’ in-ring work as well. The Legit Boss’ style is, unsurprisingly, very similar to Eddie’s — a perfect blend of mat prowess and aerial aptitude.

Pair these two up and prepare for a show.

10 dream Mixed Match Challenge pairs we wish we could see

John Cena & Alundra Blayze

John Cena and Alundra Blayze are among very rarified company in WWE history — two Superstars who can truly call themselves cornerstones of their respective space. Cena has carried the torch for WWE for nearly two decades, amassing accolade after accolade in an unparalleled career. Blayze, a revolutionary in her own right, was the standard-bearer for the Women’s division who stood atop the mountain in ways similar to The Cenation Leader. A union between the two would be a true visual representation of excellence.

10 dream Mixed Match Challenge pairs we wish we could see

“Macho Man” Randy Savage & Bayley

If you’re questioning whether or not this team would be fun, there is a very simple answer: “Oooooohhh yeahhh.”

On top of being undoubtedly the most colorful team in any tournament they were to enter, Bayley and “Macho Man” Randy Savage would be one of the toughest. Both Superstars are known for their ability to match up strongly against anyone. Whether it be Savage’s WrestleMania III classic against Ricky Steamboat or Bayley’s iconic match against Sasha Banks at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, the two have provided several of the most thrilling contests in WWE history.

Dual flying elbows off the top rope? We’ll hug to that.

10 dream Mixed Match Challenge pairs we wish we could see

Ric Flair & Charlotte Flair

On the surface, a Ric Flair/Charlotte Flair pairing seems like a logical fit for the obvious reason of their blood relation. However, diving a bit deeper, it is hard to argue that the two wouldn’t be an unbelievably effective tag team.

The Nature Boy was known for his tactical approach to the ring and win-at-all-costs demeanor. The Queen also embodies those elements, but she accomplishes feats in the ring with her athleticism in ways that her father never did.

It would be the perfect merger of styles … also, how could you bet against partners that have known one another for three decades and change?

10 dream Mixed Match Challenge pairs we wish we could see

Bret Hart & Becky Lynch

So, going off the logic of the Flairs teaming up, Bret Hart and his niece Natalya would seem like a logical merger … but on SmackDown LIVE, The Queen of Black Harts often doesn’t speak as highly of her Uncle Bret as she once did. Enter Becky Lynch.

It would be hard to fathom the WWE Universe getting behind any unit stronger than Hart and Lynch. Two of the most beloved WWE Superstars of all time are also two of the most resilient. The Hitman and The Irish Lass Kicker both have incredible in-ring acumen and a refusal to quit. They may not be the biggest or strongest pair, but they certainly would have the most (straight) fire.

10 dream Mixed Match Challenge pairs we wish we could see

Cactus Jack & Ruby Riott

There is a lot to be said for the values of a tried-and-true traditional tag team, but there’s also just something appealing about throwing out the rulebook and getting a little extreme.

Mick Foley’s most diabolical personality, Cactus Jack, is lauded the world over for the punishment he put his body through to come out on top. Ruby Riott, who is as cerebral as she is dangerous, has proven in her short tenure on SmackDown LIVE to go to any lengths necessary to prevail.

This one sounds like a match in hardcore heaven.

10 dream Mixed Match Challenge pairs we wish we could see

Roman Reigns & Trish Stratus

Sometimes, you’re just the best. Many will love you for it and others will most certainly hate, but your accomplishments speak for themselves.

Roman Reigns and Trish Stratus both have strong claims to make in their respective “best” discussions. The Big Dog, already a multiple-time WWE Champion and WrestleMania main eventer, has been The Guy (pun intended) that every WWE Superstar has aspired to overtake for the majority of the last three years, and he even took the figurative “yard” from The Undertaker. Stratus found herself in that same position at the peak of her career, winning the Women’s Championship a staggering seven times and having virtually every woman on the roster come for her head at one point or the other.

This battle-tested pairing would leave us Stratusfied. Believe that.

Article source: WWE.com

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