The Bar talks “the footy” on “COPA90”

March 23, 2018

Raw Tag Team Champions Sheamus & Cesaro brought their gaming skills to a FIFA Showdown within the New York City studios of “COPA90” – not to mention more than their fair share of entertaining stories as fans of football (known in some circles as soccer).

The Bar joined hosts Frank Todaro and Aaron West on the popular YouTube show to discuss their upcoming Raw Tag Team Title defense at WrestleMania (which included some not-so-kind words about a certain Monster Among Men, whom they didn’t even name). They were also ready to dish on hot topics with hot sauce over ramen noodles awaiting the losing party of a game of FIFA 18. Subjects the duo kicked around included:

  • Their visit to the A.S. Roma grounds in 2017, and an odd conversation with one player that confounded Sheamus but delighted Cesaro;
  • The Celtic Warrior’s reference to a McMahon he believes that, despite never stepping into a WWE ring, would have made a great Superstar;
  • The Swiss Cyborg’s elation over being able take penalty kicks on Manchester City’s sacred pitch … and his subsequent embarrassment after celebrating one successful kick a little too much.

Things got more serious (not really) when the Raw Tag Team Champions split up and found different partners for their FIFA Showdown. Sheamus paired up with Todaro to represent Liverpool, while Cesaro tagged in West to play as Juventus.

So, who won? More important, who ate the spicy ramen? Perhaps most important, who liked the dish so much that he was OK to “eat the heat” twice? Click here and enjoy the show.

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