AEW Rampage Results for January 5, 2024

January 5, 2024


Tonight’s episode of AEW RAMPAGE was broadcast from the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ!

Your broadcast team was Excalibur, Ian Riccaboni, and Tony Schiavone!

It’s Friday night and you know what that means!

Trios Match!

Mark Briscoe & The Hardys—Jeff & Matt


Kip Sabian, The Butcher & The Blade!

Mark Briscoe locked up with Kip Sabian. Mark escaped a wrist lock and then applied a side headlock to Kip. Kip Sabian hit Mark with a shoulder block and then taunted the Hardys. The Hardys double suplexed Kip after a quick series of tags.

Blade ate a boot from Jeff Hardy. Butcher and Matt Hardy tagged in for their respective teams. Matt slugged away at Butcher and then rammed Butcher’s head into the turnbuckles. Matt splashed Butcher from the ropes, but Butcher kicked out at the one-count. Butcher escaped a Twist of Fate attempt with a huge lariat. 

Mark Briscoe tagged in and cleaned house on the Butcher and the Blade with his redneck Kungfu. Briscoe scored with a dropkick on the Blade. Butcher swept out Mark’s leg and then planted him face first on the ring apron. Kip followed up with a moonsault onto Mark. Butcher bit down on Matt Hardy’s head. Meanwhile, back in the ring, Mark Briscoe was triple teamed by the opposition. 

Butcher blasted Briscoe with a half nelson backbreaker for a near fall! Mark scored a neck breaker on the Blade. Both men tagged out. Jeff Hardy and Kip Sabian came in, and Hardy hit a double leg drop on Sabian. Hardy used a diving splash for a near fall on Sabian. 

Matt shocked Sabian with a Side Effect. He was looking for the Twist of Fate, but the Butcher and the Blade blindsided Matt. Mark Briscoe saved Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy smashed Sabian with the Twist of Fate. Jeff followed up with a Swanton bomb. And Mark pinned Kip after the Froggy Bow!

“Tremendous fit for Mark Briscoe and the Hardys,” said Ian.

“If I’m the Acclaimed and Daddy Ass, I’m taking notice of Mark and the Hardys,” replied Excalibur.

Renee Paquette was backstage with Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara!

Renee mentioned how they still have the tag team championship opportunity in the future, however, next week, it’ll be Sammy against Ricky Starks one-on-one. Sammy already has a victory over Ricky from Worlds End. Renee was wondering how Sammy felt ahead of this competition.

Sammy: “I feel great. Like you just said, we picked up a big pay-per-view win. That’s the past. Now we look to Dynamite. Myself versus Ricky Starks. This is what AEW is about. This is restoring the feeling. Ricky, you and I are a lot alike. No matter what the world wants to throw at us, we always overcome it. Next week, only one of us can be the winner. So, you might be good, some might say great, but you’re not better than the best ever.”

Jericho: “And Big Bill, if you try and get involved, I’m going to stop you. You’re twice my size, sure, but you’ve got half my brainpower. And if you try and get involved, I’m going to take out my proverbial ax and chop you down inch by inch until we’re face to face. Then I’m going to poke you in the eye and knock your teeth down your throat. And Uncle Joe is going to cry. We’ll see you on Dynamite, boys.”

Next, Renee Paquette interviewed Anna Jay backstage, who was accompanied by Matt Menard, Angelo Parker, and Jake Hager!

Anna Jay said she felt stagnant but that it was a time for a change this year. “This is my year. And tonight, I’m going to beat Shida, and I think I need to do this by myself, ok?”

Harley Cameron interrupted, saying she wanted to introduce herself. She said she wanted to help all of them, and then whispered into Parker’s ear. He replied, “You would actually do that?” Harley made a cat noise and walked off. Menard told Parker that Harley seemed like a nice girl. Parker downplayed it and said it was not what it looked like. 

Kris Statlander & Willow Nightingale vs. Notorious Mimi & Kennedi Hardcastle!

Stokely Hathaway told Justin Roberts that he’d make the ring introductions for this match. Stokely went out of his way to really hype up Kris, and barely put any effort into his introduction for Willow.

Kris and Willow used quick tags to work over Mimi, while Tony Schiavone speculated that Stokely was perhaps smitten with Statlander. Willow double suplexed Hardcastle and Mimi. Kris tagged in and ran over both opponents. Statlander powerslammed Hardcastle and then planted Mimi on top of Hardcastle. Willow scored the pin after a spinebuster!

After the match, Stokely jumped into the ring, but Willow forced him out, and away from her friend Statlander. 

Renee Paquette was backstage to interview Matt and Jeff Hardy!

Jeff: “We’re feeling great! We just got a huge win on Rampage. Somebody needs to get us on AEW Dynamite so we can boost those ratings, you know what I’m saying?”

Private Party interrupted them! 

Isiah Kassidy: “Congratulations, fellas.”

Matt Hardy: “Thank you. We’re very happy to pick up that W, but we’re also very happy for you, and I’m proud of you. Because Marq Quen is back, he’s healthy. You guys got this. Because you have sat underneath the tree of the tag team GOATS. Of the living legends, the Hardys, the greatest tag team to ever do it.”

Marq Quen: “No lies detected.”

Matt Hardy: “They say if you love something, you have to let it go. And it’s time for you guys to be your own men, to be your own team. I was proud of you for calling people out. I heard you call us out there too.”

Matt said he had gifts for Private Party, and they tossed two ring worn Hardy shirts at them. Matt said the Hardys were their childhood, but they’re also going to be their adulthood, and they’re going to see them real soon. The Hardys walked away, and Marq Quen looked at Isiah and said he wanted to kick their asses.

Anna Jay vs. Hikaru Shida!

Shida scored with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. She followed up with a knee lift on Anna Jay. Shida pulled a steel chair from out beneath the ring and set it up. Shida tried to jump off the chair but Anna side stepped it. Anna whipped Shida into the steel guardrail. 

Anna Jay rocked Shida with a thrust kick for a near fall. Shida and Anna Jay traded forearms in the center of the ring. Shida battered Anna Jay down to the mat. Shida smashed Anna in the jaw and followed up with a delayed brain buster!

Anna Jay connected with a pendulum kick. Shida rocked Anna with the Falcon Arrow, but Anna countered with the Queen Slayer. Shida rolled out and nailed Anna Jay with a knee for a near fall. Shida climbed to the top turnbuckle and hit the meteora right on target. Shida finished off Anna Jay with the katana kick and pinned Anna Jay!

Sonjay Dutt invited the camera crew into the locker room of Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, and Karen Jarrett.

Dutt: “We need to make sure we get back on the same page, and if it doesn’t happen today, we’ll work every week until we get back on the same page. I got us a big tag team match coming up because I want us to get back to our winning ways.”

Lethal: “A tag match? How does that get us back on the same page?”

Karen: “Start with a name? I’ve been here nine months, and our team doesn’t even have a name.”

Jeff: “Maybe we should involve loser in that name, because of this guy Jay Lethal.”

Lethal: “Who the hell you talking to?”

Jeff: “Jay, just how many matches have you won recently? You know how many I’ve won this past year? I’ve beat Jeff Hardy, I’ve beat Dax, hell, I beat Eddie Kingston in a Memphis Street Fight, and look where that guy is now. He’s on top of the mountain.”

Lethal: “Now wait a minute! You wouldn’t have won any of those matches if it weren’t for me. So, you didn’t win s—t!”

Jeff: “You’re trying to tell me that I need you to win? Why don’t you get out of here and start your own winning streak?”

Lethal got into Jeff’s face!

Karen: “Hey, this is the opposite of what we wanted to happen.”

Dutt: “C’mon, we’ll try it again next week.”

Main Event Time! ROH Pure Championship Match!

ROH Pure Champion Wheeler Yuta vs. Komander (with Alex Abrahantes)!

Jimmy Jacobs, Christopher Daniels, and Pat Buck were the judges.

Yuta trapped Komander with a double wristlock. Komander exhausted his first rope break, as Yuta left him with no choice. Komander applied a single leg crab and Yuta used his first rope break.

Komander blocked a lariat with a kick. Yuta clocked Komander with a strike and then drove Komander’s shoulder down on the arena floor. Back in the ring, Komander had an inside cradle for a near fall on Yuta. Komander jumped off the ropes and transitioned into a dropkick to Yuta. Komander spiked Yuta with a DDT for a two-count.

Yuta put Komander in a double wrist lock again, grounding Komander. Komander used his third and final rope break here. Yuta was smiling ear to ear. Komander caught Yuta off guard with a hurracanrana. Yuta nailed Komander with a bridging German Suplex. Yuta pounded Komander with the hammer and anvil elbows. Yuta put Komander in the double wrist lock again, and with no rope breaks remaining, Komander had no choice but to tap!

Catch AEW DYNAMITE on TBS next Wednesday live at 8/7ct from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL!

Don’t miss AEW Collision on Saturday on TNT at 8/7c from the Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte, NC featuring:

-FTR vs. The House Of Black!

-Continental Crown Match: Eddie Kingston (c.) vs. Trent Beretta!

-Sting & Darby Allin vs. The Workhorsemen!

And remember…the home of professional wrestling is All Elite Wrestling!

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