All Night Swann: Rich Swann Debuts Thursday Night!

June 25, 2018

This Thursday night we can’t wait to see the IMPACT debut of Rich Swann! One of the best high flying athletes on the planet today, Swann comes to IMPACT with high expectations. Here are some “Swann Facts” that you might not know about Rich Swann!

1. The Phoenix Splash
The Signature Move of Rich Swann is a corkscrew 450 Splash and it is spectacular!

Photos courtesy from @PhotosByManning

2. Rich is an amazing guitar player!

3. Rich was born in Baltimore, Maryland and started his Pro Wrestling training when he was just 14 years old.

4. For various independent Wrestling Promotions, Rich uses the theme song “All Night Long” performed by Lionel Richie.

5. Rich has already competed on a One Night Only (Zero Fear) and an IMPACT Twitch special (Penta Does Iowa). *So if you think missing a Twitch Special or a One Night Only isn’t a big deal, think again!

Don’t miss Rich Swann this Thursday night in his IMPACT debut!

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