Ariya Daivari def. Akira Tozawa, Mike Kanellis and Gran Metalik in Fatal 4-Way Match

April 16, 2019
Ariya Daivari def. Akira Tozawa, Mike Kanellis and Gran Metalik in Fatal 4-Way Match

With the landscape of WWE changing following the Superstar Shake-up – which included Cedric Alexander moving to Raw and Buddy Murphy to SmackDown LIVE – WWE Cruiserweight Champion Tony Nese is hungry for a new challenger and has vowed to be a fighting champion. As a result, WWE 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick joined the commentary team for a Fatal 4-Way Match featuring Gran Metalik, Ariya Daivari, Mike Kanellis and Akira Tozawa with potential championship implications.

As the opening bell sounded, Daivari ducked out of the ring as Tozawa and Metalik charged after Kanellis before battling each other. Forging a short-lived alliance, Kanellis and Daivari dished out punishment to Tozawa and Metalik, but the partnership broke down when The Persian Lion leveled The Opportunist with a powerbomb on the concrete.

However, inside the squared circle, momentum continued to shift between all four Superstars, leading to an incredible sequence of Tozawa executing a missile dropkick on Kanellis, a rolling senton from Metalik to Tozawa, and a Persian Lion Splash to The King of the Ropes from Daivari. The battle was far from over, as the four Cruiserweights continued to bring the WWE Universe to the edge of their seats.

With Daivari and Metalik reeling on the outside, Tozawa and Kanellis exchanged chops and kicks before The Stamina Monster dropped Kanellis with a Snap German Suplex. As Tozawa ascended the ropes for his Senton, he was distracted by Maria Kanellis, allowing Mike Kanellis to recover and brawl with the Japanese Superstar on the top. Following a struggle on the top rope, Tozawa attempted the Senton but was countered.

Kanellis capitalized and dropped the former Cruiserweight Champion, but as Kanellis removed The King of the Ropes from the ring, Daivari threw Kanellis out of the squared circle and pinned Tozawa to pick up a major victory.

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