Baron Corbin attacked No Way Jose

April 24, 2018
Baron Corbin attacked No Way Jose

No Way Jose is all about battling adversity through an upbeat attitude. He’ll need one after what happened to him on Raw.

The Dominican Dancing Machine had been scheduled to face Baron Corbin in his Raw return post-Superstar Shake-up, but The Lone Wolf decided not to bother. For one, he would only accept “serious competition”; for another, he wasn’t about to play into Jose’s good-times mentality when he only enjoys spoiling everyone else’s fun. More practically, Corbin wasn’t going to risk Jose’s conga line jumping him, leading to a massive numbers disadvantage that would surely cost him the match.

With Corbin out of the picture, Jose attempted to start the dance party back up, but The Lone Wolf resurfaced right when Jose made his way to the top of the ramp, blasting No Way from behind, throwing him into the LED board and planting him with a chokeslam-backbreaker. With Jose’s hot start stopped in its tracks, Corbin’s second Raw run begins much as his first one did: Indiscriminate destruction and the only smile in the room plastered across his face.

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