Baron Corbin, Ruby Riott and Corey Graves featured in the latest Inked Magazine

May 21, 2018

Many WWE Superstars sport tattoos that are not only their own personal trademarks, but are also a huge part of each Superstar’s identity. The July 2018 issue of Inked Magazine highlights three WWE personalities who have become known for their body art — Baron Corbin, Ruby Riott and Corey Graves — in a five-page spread, available tomorrow.

Corbin, Riott and Graves are each featured on their own page with an interview that covers their journeys to WWE, the influences and meanings of their respective tattoos and how their ink reflects who they are in and out of the ring.

In the interviews, Baron Corbin reveals that he recently got a tattoo inspired by his “Lone Wolf” moniker, Ruby Riott discloses how music has influenced her and where she got her first tattoo, and Corey Graves talks about his transition from in-ring competitor to announcer, and why he loves hosting the WWE Digital series Superstar Ink.

Check out the full five-page spread in the July 2018 issue of Inked Magazine, on sale tomorrow!

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