Bianca Belair def. Candice LeRae

May 3, 2018

Still reeling from Tommaso Ciampa’s vicious assault on her husband Johnny Gargano last week, Candice LeRae appeared to be less than completely focused on her opposition, the ever-impressive Bianca Belair.

Looking to exploit LeRae’s distractedness, Belair overpowered LeRae in the early going, even dropping her with an awe-inspiring deadlift press slam. LeRae endured, and instead of compartmentalizing her grief, she rechanneled it as fury, firing off a series of forearm strikes against Belair. Candice Wrestling also hit a missile dropkick, but the scary-strong Belair shook off a subsequent tornado DDT attempt. The EST of NXT then sent LeRae crashing to the mat with her Alley-Oop fallaway powerbomb, giving Belair the biggest win of her young NXT career.

Whether the result can be chalked up to LeRae’s state of mind didn’t matter to Belair; The EST of NXT savored her milestone victory all the same, while LeRae was left more crestfallen than before.

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