Bobby Roode def. Elias

May 8, 2018
Bobby Roode vs. Elias: Raw, April 30, 2018

The Glorious One continues his rivalry with Team Red’s sinister songsmith.

For weeks, it seemed like Elias had Bobby Roode’s number. Now, between WWE Backlash and Raw, The Glorious One might finally be getting his groove back. Not only did the former United States Champion again cut off Elias mid-performance, he withstood an impressive effort from the musician and used Elias’ own momentum against him.

After Elias got more and more frustrated over his inability to put Roode away, he got more and more aggressive in his attempts to score his third consecutive win over the former United States Champion, but it ended up being his undoing. When Elias paused his attack to talk trash, Roode gathered his strength and pounced with a Glorious DDT to land the win. And, given that Money in the Bank is approaching, The Glorious One made it clear that he hoped Raw General Manager Kurt Angle would take his victory into account when it came to sanctioning the next round of qualifiers.

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