Braun Strowman Says He Almost Gave Up On Life During Rough Times In WWE

February 8, 2022

Back in June, Braun Strowman was just one of a hand full of wrestlers that were released by WWE during a stint of mass releases.

Since his release, Strowman, who is now going by his government name Adam Scheer, has kept busy on social media. He has now joined up with former WWE and Impact star EC3 for the “Control Your Own Narrative Movement”.

During an interview on Tuesday’s episode of Busted Open Radio, Strowman opened up to Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer about how his release affected his mental health. Strowman went as far as to say that not only was he close to giving up on wrestling as a whole, but also almost gave up on life in general, hinting that he contemplated suicide.

I think the biggest way I look at it now, is trying to remember how amazing this sport is, this business is and how fun it is, and trying to put the fun back in it. It got to a point where i wasn’t enjoying doing it anymore and this should be the most fun job on the absolute planet. You get to travel around the world, beat up your friends, see towns and eat food and do crazy things and get paid to do it.It got to a point where it was like man it wasn’t fun. My biggest thing is trying to remember this business is fun, and i wanna have fun everywhere i go, everything I’m doing now, one is to try to help push what were trying to do as far as our group with my friends.. But the other thing i wanna do is to have fun.”

Bully Ray would then ask Braun how he kept a smile on his face during the harder days in WWE

“Because I see through social media interactions, the power that I have to influence people’s lives, the videos of children riding to the hospital to have surgeries done, listening to my themes music, pictures showing the kids with my action figures, being put under anesthesia, the kids at the Special Olympics playing my music to come out to lift weights, things like that.. knowing that me giving up on myself, I’m giving up on all those people that depend on me to help them get through the hardships they’re going through in life.. and that’s just selfish.

I’m so thankful I never did. I got closest not only to quitting wrestling, but life altogether. But I realized the world is so important. The world wants everyone here. The world will keep turning, and it wants you here because this place is amazing, and I’m so thankful with everything I have been able to overcome and where I am now.. and that I have peace in myself.”

Strowman and EC3 are getting ready for their upcoming Control Your Narrative show on March 5 in Orlando, Florida, and march 31st in Dallas Texas. You can look for tickets here.

(Credit Back To Original source Busted Open, If any quotes from above are used H/T for transcription.)

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