Carmella and Charlotte Flair met for a contract signing for their match at WWE Backlash

April 25, 2018

Following Carmella’s shocking cash-in on the SmackDown LIVE after WrestleMania, Princess Mella and Charlotte Flair hit the ring intending to sign a contract for a rematch at WWE Backlash.

With Renee Young presiding over the proceedings, The Princess of Staten Island spoke boldly about how she deserved the SmackDown Women’s Championship and the respect of the WWE Universe. Demanding their cheers, Carmella played the same highlight reel of her accomplishments as last week in hopes of inspiring a standing ovation. However, when she demanded that the highlight reel be played a second time, all Princess Mella got was the arrival of a focused Charlotte, who was greeted by incredibly antagonistic antics on Carmella’s part.

Un-phased by the spectacle, Charlotte simply signed the contract and then smirked before smashing Carmella’s head onto the table and then flipping it onto the champion. The Queen then exited the ring as Carmella was left down in the squared circle.

Advantage: Charlotte.

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