Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali & Flash Morgan Webster def. Drew Gulak, James Drake & Joseph Conners

May 16, 2018
Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali & Flash Morgan Webster def. Drew Gulak, James Drake & Joseph Conners

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander and his friend and frequent tag team partner Mustafa Ali joined forced with the U.K. Division’s Flash Morgan Webster in a hard-hitting contest against Drew Gulak, Joseph Conners and James Drake. Before the match, Gulak, Conners and Drake made it clear that they were on the same page and ready to show the world why they are three of the finest technical competitors in any division.

With WWE 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick watching from the announce table, Alexander and Conners started off the match with the U.K. Division Superstar relentlessly attacking the WWE Cruiserweight champion. Using his fast-paced style, Alexander struck back, took control of the contest and tagged in Flash Morgan Webster.

Webster kept Conners on defense, forcing a tag to Drake, who also struggled to find an answer against the unorthodox Webster. Confident he could handle Webster, Gulak entered the match. While Gulak initially seemed to have an answer for his opponent, he was quickly proven wrong and tagged in Conners. Showing off impressive chemistry with his partners, Webster tagged in Ali and forced Gulak, Conners and Drake to recalibrate their approach.

Their strategy session paid off as Drake stopped Ali’s offensive flurry with a cheap shot to the midsection. This allowed Gulak, Drake and Conners to take control of the match and keep Ali on defense. Even as The Heart of WWE 205 Live tagged Webster back into the contest, Gulak and his partners remained relentless and kept Webster reeling.

Showing off his resilience, Webster fended off all three opponents and tagged Ali back into the contest. Ali showcased his own ability at Conners’ expense and countered an attack from Drake by executing a hurricanrana that hurled Conners into his advancing partner.

Stopping Ali’s momentum, Conners dropped The Heart of WWE 205 Live into the ropes and tagged in Drake. Unfortunately for Drake, he was quickly stopped in his tracks when Ali tagged in the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, who scored a near-fall on Drake before the battle devolved into complete chaos.

When order was restored, Alexander was left to battle Gulak after Webster took down Drake and Conners on the outside. The WWE Cruiserweight Champion tried to use his lightning-quick offense, but Gulak countered into a devastating ankle lock. Alexander escaped the hold and tagged in Gulak’s longtime rival, Ali.

Executing a jaw-dropping tornado DDT on Gulak, Ali wasted no time ascending the ropes and twisting through the skies with the 054 for the victory.

Article source: WWE.com

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