Chad Gable def. Jinder Mahal

April 24, 2018

Jinder Mahal and Chad Gable both have an uphill battle ahead of them. Mahal, still reeling from his United States Title loss to Jeff Hardy last week and facing his rematch at the Greatest Royal Rumble event, opened his evening by demanding to be sent back to SmackDown LIVE. Gable, meanwhile, is on the cusp of his first proper singles run — Kurt Angle was adamant that he didn’t bring Gable to Raw to re-team with Jason Jordan once he gets better — and has a lot to prove as a result. Though, after tonight, he might have a little less.

It was fitting that a backstage confrontation in Angle’s office between the two Superstars led to a match, and it was also fitting that Jinder jumped Gable before the contest even began. The Modern Day Maharaja clearly thought Gable would pose little threat after his sneak attack — Sunil Singh never even got involved — but the former SmackDown Tag Team Champion showed that a little grit goes a long way when he hooked Mahal’s leg as he attempted the Khallas, stopping The Maharaja’s victory march cold.

Still in Mahal’s clutches, Gable ran up the turnbuckle in order to roll up the former U.S. Champion and notch a three-count that left Jinder fuming in the ring for the second week straight. That, too, was fitting: Gable will clearly make the most of his chances. When it comes to the United States Title, Mahal might be facing his last.

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