Chris Jericho Successfully Defends ROH World Title At AEW Full Gear

December 1, 2022

ROH World Championship Match
“The Ocho” Chris Jericho (c.) vs. “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. “Spanish God” Sammy Guevara vs. Claudio Castagnoli!

Danielson rocketed out of the ring with a tope suicida to Sammy! Jericho grabbed Danielson and whipped him into the metal ring steps!

Claudio and Danielson teamed up with tandem offense on Jericho. They turned their attention to Sammy. The two Blackpool Combat Club members took turns on Jericho and Sammy.

Claudio and Bryan shook hands and then exchanged uppercuts! Bryan grabbed an arm bar on Claudio but Claudio hoisted Bryan up. They each countered with pinning predicaments and Jericho jumped in to break it up and save his championship. 

Sammy rocked Danielson and Claudio with a double cutter off the ropes! Jericho hugged Sammy and patted him on the back. 

Jericho and Sammy sent Claudio to the outside with a double clothesline. Sammy and Jericho dropped Danielson with a standing delayed vertical suplex. Sammy and Jericho double teamed Danielson in the corner. Danielson had enough and clocked Jericho and Sammy with round kicks. 

Sammy hit the Spanish Fly on Danielson but Jericho used the Lionsault on both of them! Claudio grabbed Jericho from behind with a gut wrench suplex. Claudio stomped on Jericho’s chest for a near fall. Jericho countered Claudio with the Code Breaker, but Sammy pulled Jericho off Claudio. Sammy and Jericho had a stare down!

“He’s in the principal’s office now,” said Taz.

Sammy and Jericho had a hockey fight, hitting each other with stiff shots. Sammy took Jericho’s move, hitting Jericho with the Code Breaker for a near fall. Jericho rallied back and trapped Sammy in the Walls! Danielson tried for a diving knee but Jericho let go of Sammy and locked Danielson in the Walls. Claudio smashed Jericho with big boots and then suplexed Jericho. 

Claudio applied the sharp shooter to Jericho. Danielson put Jericho’s in the LeBell Lock at the same time. Sammy fended them off with two thrust kicks. Sammy hugged Jericho but then smashed Jericho with the GTH! Sammy followed up with the shooting star press for a near fall on Jericho!

“We were a second away from crowning a new Ring Of Honor Champion,” said Jim Ross.

Claudio press slammed Sammy onto Jericho who was outside the ring. Bryan nailed Claudio with the running knee for a two-count. Claudio turned Danielson for a loop with a powerful lariat. Sammy used a Spanish Fly on Danielson but Danielson transitioned into the LeBell Lock! Jericho broke up the hold!

Claudio caught Danielson and planted him with the Neutralizer on the arena floor. Sammy shot off the top rope with a shooting star press onto Claudio. Back in the ring, Claudio clocked Sammy with a European Uppercut for a two-count. Claudio spun Sammy with the Giant Swing until Jericho wrecked Claudio with the Judas Effect, pinning Claudio!

“Jericho is still the man in Ring Of Honor,” said Jim Ross.

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