Daniel Bryan ambushed an unsuspecting Miz

August 8, 2018

After adamantly declining, The Miz announced earlier in the day that he would indeed battle Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam. To discuss that decision and other matters, The A-Lister (flanked by security guards on the TitanTron) joined Byron Saxton (who was in the ring) for an exclusive interview from the set of Miz & Mrs.

However, Miz seemed more eager to discuss the success of Miz & Mrs. over anything even remotely related to Bryan. Eventually, Miz focused on Bryan and ran his name through the mud as usual, claiming The Beard is “beneath him” and insinuating that Bryan needed a match against Miz far more than the other way around.

The A-Lister seemed primed to continue the onslaught of insults, but suddenly, The “Yes!” Man appeared out of nowhere, decked Miz repeatedly and started dropping the security guards. Bryan couldn’t get his hands on The Miz the way he wanted, however, due to security trying to intervene, which caused Bryan to get struck with a vase across the upper back by The A-Lister. Miz and the security then quickly fled the scene as Bryan slowly staggered to his feet.

Article source: WWE.com

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