Daniel Bryan def. Jeff Hardy to earn a second opportunity at a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

May 23, 2018

Daniel Bryan squared off with Jeff Hardy for the first time ever, and, boy, was it a show. 

With Samoa Joe (who will face the winner in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match next week) doing guest commentary, Bryan and Hardy absolutely enthralled the WWE Universe, laying it all on the line. 

As the match continued, the two pushed each other to their absolute limits, with Bryan going for the Flying Knee off the apron, only for Hardy to evade it and connect with a Flying Clothesline. After The Charismatic Enigma dropped his opponent with Whisper in the Wind for a two-count, Bryan struck back quickly with the “Yes” Kicks. 

Hardy seemed to be closing in on the victory when he executed the Twist of Fate, but Bryan got his knees up when Hardy went for the Swanton Bomb, keeping himself alive in the contest. Hardy then fended off Bryan’s Flying Knee, but Bryan torqued Hardy’s leg and locked him in the heel hook for the submission victory.

The “Yes!” Man could not celebrate for too long after earning another chance at qualifying for the Men’s Money in the Bank Match because Samoa Joe entered the ring to remind Bryan that they would square off next week. 
Joe looked ready, Bryan looked ready, and you can bet that the WWE Universe is ready as well.

Article source: WWE.com

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