Dolph Ziggler def. Chad Gable

May 22, 2018
Chad Gable vs. Dolph Ziggler: Raw, May 21, 2018

Chad Gable puts his amateur background to the test against Dolph Ziggler.

Chad Gable has all the heart in the world, but his courage undoubtedly got the better of him when he ran afoul of Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre and found himself mired in a match with The Showoff that came down to some veteran know-how that the former SmackDown Tag Team Champion simply has yet to acquire. 

Despite an intense, impressive effort by Gable, Ziggler — who found himself in a closer match than he would have liked — ducked under the ropes to stop the action and caught Gable with a superkick just seconds later for the win. McIntyre provided the exclamation point with a post-match Claymore that left Gable down; Gable may not be among the complacent Superstars Ziggler & McIntyre are looking to expose, but his experience will have to catch up to his heart before he can put a dent in the dominant team’s armor.

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