Ember Moon def. Alexa Bliss

May 22, 2018
Ember Moon def. Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss would like everyone to know that getting pinned by Ember Moon the night after WrestleMania was a total and complete fluke. Duly noted. But she was notably short on excuses when The War Goddess downed the former Raw Women’s Champion a second time, despite a pre-match promise to prove herself as the better woman.

Bliss, to her credit, came to play, targeting Moon’s shoulder to prevent the Eclipse and teeing The Shenom up for interference by Mickie James at ringside. But the latter half of that strategy backfired when James got herself ejected from the match, leaving Five Feet of Fury wide open to a picture-perfect Eclipse that hit its mark. With two losses to Moon, Bliss can still claim it’s a coincidence, but if she’s not careful, a pattern may well start to emerge.

Article source: WWE.com

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