Sami Zayn brought Bobby Lashley’s “sisters” to Raw

May 22, 2018
Sami Zayn brought Bobby Lashley's "sisters" to Raw

Make that “sisters;” quotation marks key. Sami Zayn had planned to “expose” Bobby Lashley’s family-man status as a façade by bringing his sisters to Raw, but the Lashley gals didn’t seem to be entirely authentic. For one thing, “Frances” was sporting a pretty magnificent mustache. For another, their matching tales of bullying at their brother’s hands didn’t quite square with the warm-hearted stories the former ECW Champion told during his sit-down interview two weeks ago.

Surprisingly, Lashley thought the whole spectacle was pretty funny — at least until Zayn insinuated his family truly did hate him, threatened to kick him in the face and ganged up on Lashley with his so-called sisters. At that point, Lashley got aggressive in a hurry, taking out the impostors in increasingly humiliating fashion while Zayn made a hasty retreat. Sami brazenly continued the trash-talking from afar to save face, which is fair enough. But if he keeps it up, he may well find that he should have just left well enough alone.

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