Finn Bálor def. Braun Strowman via Disqualification

May 29, 2018
Finn Bálor def. Braun Strowman via Disqualification

RICHMOND, Va. — Finn Bálor impressed a lot of people last week in his main-event performance against Braun Strowman, including The Gift of Destruction himself. But despite Strowman’s victory, The Extraordinary Man’s performance served as a reminder that the Money in the Bank Ladder Match is truly anybody’s game, and every little advantage counts. Or at least, that’s what Kevin Owens took away from it.

The former Universal Champion didn’t just post up at the commentary table to scout the rematch among his fellow Money in the Bank competitors, which stemmed from a confrontation that saw The Extraordinary Man slap Strowman across the face; KO actively attempted to push both Superstars’ buttons from ringside with a series of sneering, insulting comments. (Oddly, he reserved his greatest disdain for Bobby Roode, who was scouting from the backstage area). KO even got involved at the end, thwarting Finn’s attempt to land a second Coup de Grâce and attacking him with a ladder, though his post-match assault ended with Owens fleeing as Strowman launched that same ladder up the ramp at him.

Lost in all this was that KO’s intrusion also handed Bálor a disqualification victory. And true, the match result may have evened Finn’s score with Strowman, but if the latter’s post-match dominance was any indication, The Monster Among Men is clearly still setting the pace as June 17 approaches.

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