Former WWE Superstar Bull Nakano Was Hospitalized With Liver Disease Last Year

November 18, 2021

In a recent interview with Oricon News, Japanese pro wrestling legend Bull Nakano described in detail how she was hospitalized last year with liver disease after years of alcohol abuse.

Nakano revealed that in July last year, she had to be hospitalized to treat her liver cirrhosis, which had resulted from years of alcohol abuse. The former champion stated that she was suffering from hair loss, flaky skin, and a swollen abdomen.

Nakano also stated that she had been avoiding hospitalization despite needing it since she still had a job to do and could not take too many days off. However, ultimately she could not put it off any longer.

“I was actually told a long time ago that I would have to be hospitalized for treatment,” Nakano said. “However, I couldn’t stay in the hospital for a long time due to my work, so I stopped going to the hospital. Eventually, though, I started coughing up excrement and had to wear diapers at work.

The Japanese article noted how Nakano would empty three 750ml bottles of shochu a day during her years as an active pro wrestler. Nakano went on to explain how her health has drastically improved since she quit drinking.

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