FTR Asks Tony Khan To Be In The Owen Hart Cup Tournament

December 27, 2021

It Looks like FTR wanna start the new year off on a good foot.

Back in September, AEW announced that they had agreed to a partnership with the Owen Hart Foundation. The partnership included AEW’s ability to use Owen Hart’s image and likeness for specific merchandise such as action figures, t-shirts, posters, other forms of apparel, and the ability to be included in the upcoming AEW console game.

AEW would also announce that it would be launching a Tournament known as the “Owen Hart Cup.” Competitors for the tournament have not been announced yet but FTR is now throwing their names in for consideration.

During a recent interview with  Elite POV, Cash and Dax pressed their interest in joining the tournament.

Hopefully. Obviously, they’re playing everything close to the chest, so we have no idea, but I would love to be in the Owen in some way, shape or form. Singles, tag, handicap, just let us in. I’ll go in a mask, I don’t care.”

Dax Would go on and ask AEW president Tony Khan to please consider them.

 “Please Tony, please.”

When asked what it meant for AEW to be honoring Owen Harts Legacy FTR said it was “about damn time.”

“It’s cool to have the Owen thing and we’re huge Owen Hart fans and huge Hart family fans. It doesn’t matter how much praise gets put on him, no one will understand how important and how much love Tony Khan has for professional wrestling. We’re just lucky as wrestlers and should be lucky as fans to have him. I know as an employee, I’m lucky to have him because he cares about us,” 

We will have to see if FTR is invited to compete in the Owen Hart Cup.

(h/t to Fightful For the quotes)

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