Fusion Recap: Hammerstone vs. Pagano Leads To A Friendship Shattered

February 12, 2022

The deck has been stacked against Alex Hammerstone as Cesar Duran has it out for the champ and tonight on the return of MLW Fusion (presented by www.newlawoffice.com) he’ll face Pagano in a falls count anywhere match with the World Title at stake!

Now we’re in Texas and Duran is not pleased with the locale. He wants to make sure Hammerstone’s reign is over.

IWA Puerto Rico Carribean Championship
Richard Holliday vs. King Muertes

Holliday doesn’t look to be intimidated but Muertes is indeed a force to be reckoned with. Big bodyslam gets a near fall on Muertes and Holliday goes for his patented rolling lariat from up top but Muertes moves and pummels Rich with strikes. Catapulted throat first on the bottom rope is Holliday and we head to break.

Back from it, Muertes remains in control, but Holliday finds a window of opportunity after a double clothesline. “Holliday” chants from Dallas as he dukes it out with Muertes and a leaping clothesline downs Muertes. He sidesteps an avalanche in the corner for a roll-up and a near win. Holliday hits an elevated rope-assisted DDT for another near fall. Powerslam by Muertes almost gets the Man Of 1,000 Deaths the win himself. Muertes hits a backstabber and gets another two count on the challenger.

Muertes goes for a suplex, but Holliday nails a 2008. Suddenly AZTECA henchmen invade Gilley’s. We cut to backstage and sure enough, they’re attacking Hammerstone as well. One runs into the ring with a chair and Richard nails him with a dropkick. The chair comes in play however as Muertes sends Holliday Straight To Hell on the chair. Muertes retains!

WINNER & STILL IWA Puerto Rico Champion: King Muertes

We see part three of Jacob Fatu breaking his silence. He talks about how wrestling has influenced his life in a positive way and brings up an emotional moment when he saw one of his friends little brother bleed out in after a drive by.

He said the Samoan Werewolf name isn’t a gimmick. Jacob Fatu is Jacob Fatu. Is he upset about CONTRA ending? Sure, but the body count is still rising in his eyes and he plans to go after his title again. He lets Hammerstone now that shot he plans to have real soon.

Next we see a television with the sands of time running down on the screen. An image flashes and who is it? Killer Kross. He’s shown laughing as the television blows a circuit and the screen cuts to darkness. Sure enough, Killer Kross returns for MLW SuperFight on February 26 in Charlotte!

We see Mister Saint Laurent, former MLW analyst sitting in his family library. He’s searched the world over looking for the best pound-for-pound fighter and he’s finally found him. He says next week he’ll have a meeting with Cesar Duran to bring his mystery fighter to the world of MLW!

Ikuro Kwon vs. EJ Nduka

We haven’t seen Kwon since CONTRA disbanded at the end of War Chamber but we have gotten word he’s been training with World Middleweight Champion Tajiri in Japan.

It’s a big homecoming tonight for EJ Nduka as the Texas boy comes out to Gilley’s to a warm welcome.

Kwon attempts to use his quick kick striking game against The Judge, but a harsh back elbow downs him. Nduka is just dominant. Running powerslams in all corners are put upon Ikuro before he nails a running powerslam on his opponent. Kwon does deliver a big kick to the side of EJ’s head, but EJ is unphased. Nduka picks him up and slams him down with a Ron Simmons’ style spinebuster. 1-2-3. What a homecoming indeed.


Post-match, Kwon grabs the mic and says it’s bullsh*t. He kicked out. Kwon demands another fight now. He wants the backstabber: Jacob Fatu! Sure enough, the Samoan Werewolf answers the call despite having no official.

Kwon goes for the attack but Fatu is more than ready. He downs his former friend and grabs a table. Cannonball in the corner and Fatu sets the table up mid-ring. We know what’s next: Fatu top rope body splashes Kwon through the wood. Fatu is back!

Konnan is in the hospital getting surgery and 5150 is going to do this match against Los Parks for the legend. “Y’all done started some shit,” Rivera says. They sure did as they’ll battle Los Parks in a Tag Title Ladder Match next week! But now, it’s main event time!

Falls Count Anywhere
World Heavyweight Championship

Pagano vs. Alex Hammerstone (c)

There’s no denying both men are ready for a fight as Pagano has cultivated a lot of bad blood between him and the champ after stabbing him in the back.

Pagano doesn’t let the size difference deter him as he quickly goes to bodyslam Hammer down. Pagano goes to the outside and throws in an industrial sized trash can. Pagano chops Hammer down and climbs up top with the can. Pagano goes for the moonsault and Hammer makes him miss. That leads to YBH powerbombing Pagano onto his own weapon!

Fight goes to the outside and Hammer smacks Pagano with a pizza tin! The brawl continues on the outside! Hammer sends Pagano into a car hood! Hammer covers and gets a two count. Pagano cracks Hammer with several pizza tins, but Hammer plunges Pagano’s head. The fight continues at ringside. Pagano grabs wooden skewers and tries to stick them in Hammer’s skull. Thankfully, Hammer dusts them off, but Pagano has more. The fight goes to the stage and Pagano lariats the champion down. We cut to a quick break.

When we return, the fight spills into Gilley’s seating area and Hammer bounces Pagano’s spine on the concrete: he covers, but only gets a two count. Pagano gets the receipt and cracks Hammer’s head on the floor as well. Somehow, the champion kicks out. Pagano has skewers on his mind and Hammer sees such. He charges down to the ring, but Pagano kicks him under the belt as he tries to get back in the ring. Pagano goes to skewer the skull of Hammer but Hammer rakes the face for survival. Soon enough, it’s Pagano who gets a skull full of skewers and they are embedded!

Pagano still fights on with heavy strikes and a running clothesline nearly gets the punk rock clown the title win.

Hammer however, catches Pagano with a European uppercut and nails a burning hammer on Pagano. Two count. Hammer slides to the outside and grabs a ring board. He leans it in the corner before taking it to Pagano on the outside with steel chair to the ribs. He slides the chair in the ring, but Pagano catches him with a Fame Asser from up top. Rope-assisted piledriver to Hammer on the chair and it gets him a near victory. The chair further comes into play as Pagano hits a codebreaker with the chair onto the champ! He gets another near victory!

Back to the outside we go as Pagano sits Hammer down on the chair. Pagano goes for a rolling senton to the outside but Hammer moves. The crunch of the clown’s body is audible. Hammer senses that and covers: 1-2-no! Back in the ring, Hammer shotgun dropkicks Pagano through the ring board! This prompts AZTECA henchmen to swarm Hammer and through the chaos Pagano cracks Hammer with half of the ring board across the head. Thankfully, Richard Holliday comes out with a baseball bat! Hammer hits a Nightmare Pendulum and he gets the well-earned 1-2-3!

WINNER and STILL MLW World Champion: Alex Hammerstone

Post-match, Holliday comes into the ring to check on his friend as Alicia Atout makes her way down to the ring to get a word with the champion. Holliday embraces his Dynasty bro. Alicia notes that the microphone is not working and as Hammer waits, Alicia low blows Hammer with the “busted” mic! Suddenly, Holliday leaps on Hammer and attacks his friend. Holliday is fuming with rage as he says the Dynasty is dead and it’s always been him.

He holds up Hammer and allows Alicia to slap Hammerstone. Holliday grabs hold of Hammerstone’s Title and kisses Alicia. Holliday puts his boot on his fallen and former friend and yells “It was always me!” A sobering finish for the return as Fusion as a friendship is shattered.

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