Fusion Recap: NZO Issues Open Challenge | Von Erichs vs. 5150 In Bunkhouse Brawl | Tag Title Fight

May 21, 2022

This week MLW Fusion has a score to settle with a Bunkhouse Brawl, but the episode starts off with a little bit of Budd and Bada Boom as NZO is set to take on Budd Heavy. As Heavy heads to the ring, NZO catches him off guard and dropkicks him on the entryway. He attacks Budd further before getting on the mic.

NZO runs down Budd and says he wants someone harder. He gets a viable competitor in ACH.



ACH gets chants carrying his name in his home state of Texas and the two take their time at feeling one another out.

ACH soon gets the better of the situation with a dropkick and pin cover. Back from break, ACH hits another dropkick which causes NZO to go to the outside. ACH hits a springboard crossbody.

NZO makes a point to avoid ACH who is catching momentum and turns the tide in his favor, catches ACH between the apron banner and assaults him! He crotches ACH on the barricade before doing what he did to KC Navarro: a Razor’s Edge into the ring post.

Back in the ring, NZO continues his assault. He nails a lung blower in the corner and covers: ACH kicks out at two.

NZO gets caught up top with an ACH right hand. NZO grabs hold of the top rope, but ACH nails an avalanche gutwrench!

ACH sends NZO into the opposite corner, but NZO fights him off. NZO goes to leap at ACH, but he gets nailed with a dropkick! ACH covers for a near fall.

ACH goes to climb in the adjacent corner and NZO takes sight of it. He kicks the referee in the back of the knee and it trips ACH up top. He nails his Done-ZO finisher: 1-2-3.


Post-match, NZO calls himself the best of all time right here, but who comes out but an irate KC Navarro who was being held back by officials.

Danny Limelight Rivera is with Hernandez and Julius Smokes. They are ready for their Bunkhouse Brawl tonight.

What will be the fate of Alex Hammerstone after inadvertently hitting Cesar Duran? We’ll learn that tonight!

Before we get down to business of the World Tag Team Title match, Alex Kane gets on the mic and makes it clear that Hustle & Power are all hype (just like those Dallas Cowboys).


World Tag Team Championships

BOMAYE Fight Club vs. Hustle & Power (c)

H&P get down to business and they nail a double-team leg drop on Kane who bails to the outside! In comes the large Mr. Thomas as EJ and he slug it out. EJ hoists Thomas up for an Oklahoma Slam, but Kane pulls him free. This allows Mr. Thomas to spray an element in EJ’s eyes. Kane takes advantage of this and gouges at the eyes.

EJ struggles to see, but does his darndest to fight on. He catches Kane with a hard right and he gets the tag in to Heavyweight Hustle. BOMAYE shows off their chemistry by catching Calvin with a Bossman Slam for a two count.

Kane has Calvin in a standing switch, but the numbers game comes into play as EJ recovers.

Mr. Thomas talks  trash to Kane and chops away at him, but that just fires the tank of Tankman. Mr. Thomas however nails him with big boot and tags in Kane once more.

Kane keeps him grounded, but Tank fights up. It’s not long before Kane gets leveled with a lariat.

Dallas is amped as Calvin tags into the homegrown Texan, EJ Nduka. He hits massive lariats on Thomas before he delivers his Verdict spinebuster!

EJ sure enough nails a Stampede! That sets Tankman up for the splash and the 1-2-3!

WINNERS & STILL World Tag Team Champions: Hustle & Power

“EJ” chants ring out from Dallas as Hustle & Power stand strong!

Dave Marquez is backstage with the Von Erichs who are determined to take out 5150 in a Bunkhouse Brawl! VE Nation makes it clear this is for Texas.

We have some big announcements for Battle Riot IV as Lince Dorado, Killer Kross, Marshall Von Erich, Alex Kane and Calvin Tankman are all revealed as participants!

We see Cesar Duran as he states Alex Hammerstone has crossed the line. If a real man wants to do it right, he handles it on its own. Duran challenges Hammerstone to a fight. Next week the matchmaker will face Alex for the World Title. Something sure is afoot, but it’s main event time.


Bunkhouse Brawl

The Von Erichs vs. 5150

Pre-match Rivera doesn’t let up on his disparagements in Dallas, but the Von Erichs make him feel their fire by tossing Rivera over the ropes and through the ring. No doubt they’re ready for the brawl to begin. The brothers corner Danny and they unleash an offense on him which is capitalized by a standing moonsault. Julius Smokes helps 5150 with the numbers game and it soon sets Ross up with a sit-out powerbomb.

Marshall sets Rivera up on an errant ring board and goes to dive onto Rivera, but he moves and Hernandez takes it to Ross.

5150 does a variation of a Street Sweeper and Hernandez catapults Ross into a Rivera superkick.  Rivera grabs a bale of hay and goes to suplex Marshall on it, but Marshall turns it into a gourdbuster.

Rivera does catch Marshall with a running boot and they go to Doomsday Device Ross, but Marshall smacks Rivera with the ring board! The tides have turned. Superplex. VE Nation unleashes monster frustration on 5150 and that is shown with a pump knee to Hernandez!

Back from break, the fight rages on as RVE finds a ringside table. He corners it and dukes it out with Hernandez. Ross charges and leaps. Hernandez moves and Ross crashes through it.

Rivera grabs a chair and hands it to Super Mex. Julius Smokesgrabs an object as Hernandez sprays 510 on the ring board. Marshall Von Erich levels him with a lariat. MVE discus throws Rivera into that very board. Hernandez sets up MVE for a Border Toss, but Ross breaks a shovel over Super Mex’s back! Marshall locks in an Iron Claw and that sets him up of the Iron Claw Eagle Slam! 1-2-3!

WINNERS: The Von Erichs

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