Interview With Shelley Pack Writer & Star Of New Movie Chasing Molly Featuring Kurt Angle

July 20, 2019

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle has 75 acting credits to his name on his IMDb page, and one of those is an independent film he starred in called “Chasing Molly”.

In the film Kurt plays the role of a Drug Kingpin Mr. Black, who has his drug stash stolen by a couple of con artists who are hired to “cleanse” homes of evil paranormal behavior, and instead rob the people of their valuables while performing their paranormal cleaning. The two then decide to sell the drugs after finding out it is some intense form of ecstacy. Molly, who is one of the con artists, then has to save her partner who was kidnapped by Mr. Black. writer Carlos Canales had the opportunity to interview writer and star of Chasing Molly, Shelley Pack. You can read Carlos’ interview with Shelley Pack who plays the lead character Molly, below:

I recently had the opportunity to speak to Filmmaker/Comedian Shelley Pack about her film “Chasing Molly”, as well as her experiences doing improv comedy.

1. When did you catch the entertainment bug? Have you always been a performer/storyteller, or was there a moment in particular, whether it be a school play, or performing for family/friends, that influenced you to pursue your chosen profession?

I’ve always wanted to be a performer. As a toddler, I would rather put on a show than play with toys. There was never any doubt that I would pursue acting.

2. You have a very diverse and fairly impressive comedy background, a large portion of which is improv. Did your ability to think on your feet help you solve issues during the making of your film “Chasing Molly”?

Absolutely, for one I need to nail every take, because we didn’t have the budget to shoot for long periods of time. In improv you only have one shot and the pressure is on to be funny on the spot. It teaches you to be fearless. Also improvisors have the ability to be natural on camera. When we were looking for talent, we want with improvisors I’ve worked with. I knew they would nail the scenes and they would feel organic.

3.You were able to get wrestling legend Kurt Angle in your film. How did you garner his interest in your script?

It was a cold call to his management. Thankfully, Kurt is hands on with his career so he read it and responded to the material. He didn’t do it for the money, we had a shoestring budget. He did it because he thought it was original and funny.

4. How was it to work with him? Do you have any interesting/funny on-set stories?

Kurt was a champion in and off camera. We actually needed him to be physical in one scene. Despite his broken neck, he gave it everything. He knew all his lines, and nailed every take.

5. You’ve filmed a documentary, “Can the Environment Get a Table Dance?”. as well as the film “Chasing Molly”. Do you have any advice for someone who is interested in telling their own stories?

My first documentaries, and webseries were all shot on used cameras off Craigslist. The important thing is not the equipment but the content. For Chasing Molly, we were fortunate enough to have a 4k Red Cam, but for other projects I used whatever I had. The important thing is to find your voice, and something you are passionate about.

6. Whether it be personal, or professional, what lessons have you learned from these experiences?

Being an artist is a journey. Staying positive and constantly creating is key. I also find giving back keeps me centered. I volunteer at a homeless shelter and I work with kids with Autism. When I’m helping others, it puts me in the right state of mind to keep pursuing my dreams.

7. As mentioned earlier, you have comedy background. Do you have any memorable experiences while performing?

Getting to perform live with Ryan Stiles and the cast of “Whose Line is it Anyways.” Being on stage with the Godfather’s of improv and holding my own. I felt like if I can do this, I can do anything.

8. What’s harder, performing improv on a big stage with well known comedians, or trying to get funding for a film?

100 percent, getting funding for films. When I’m on stage, it’s up to me to be successful. When I’m raising funds, I’m depending on other people. 

9. Is there a dream project that you would like to work on, or create for yourself?

Chasing Molly is the dream because it’s the movie I wanted to make. I got to write, produce and star in it. It’s truly a dream come true. I have another comedy I wrote that my partner (the director of Chasing Molly) and myself are packaging now.

10. Do you still perform on a regular basis? if so, where? If not, are you working on other projects that we can look forward to seeing?

Yes, I love improv comedy. I perform regularly with “Improv for the People” in Los Angeles. I perform there usually once a month.

I would like to sincerely thank Shelley for taking the time to do this interview. If you are interested in seeing her latest film, Chasing Molly, it is available to stream on Youtube, Amazon, Google Play, and Vudu.

You can view the trailer for Chasing Molly below:

Chasing Molly Trailer from Mountain Light Entertainment on Vimeo.

Chasing Molly is available for viewing by clicking on the following links

iTunes link

Amazon DVD and Blu-ray


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