Jeff Jarrett inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame

April 7, 2018

His longtime friend and former partner Road Dogg inducted Jeff Jarrett into the WWE Hall of Fame, opting to hold back on some of their better stories together in fear of getting themselves in trouble with somebody! J-E-double F then hit the stage and, incredibly emotional, looked back on classic contests with the likes of WWE Hall of Famers Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon and several of his encounters with celebrities like Chuck Norris and David Arquette.

Jarrett then went on to express his love to both Road Dogg and Owen Hart for the effect they had on not just his career, but his life overall. The new WWE Hall of Famer then went on to tell some funny stories and thank his fans and family as he now took his place among the all-time elite in sports-entertainment.

Jarrett intended on finishing with a poem, but Road Dogg came back out and urged Jarrett to indulge in their classic song, “With My Baby Tonight.”

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