John Cena Linked to Recent Steroid Accusations?

March 8, 2018

As previously reported, filmmaker Jonny Bravo has been hyping for well over a month now that he has evidence of drug purchases/usage linked to Roman Reigns and other WWE Superstars.

In an update, Jonny Bravo posted this cryptic photo of John Cena on his Snap Chat account with a question mark:

Bryan Alvarez discussed this latest tease on today’s installment of Wrestling Observer Live and said that Bravo has also teased Brock Lesnar. Alvarez questioned where’s the evidence, as Bravo previously said he would put it out on Tuesday and Wednesday and hasn’t done so yet.

Alvarez also pointed out that if Cena is on that list, then why didn’t he point him out instead of Roman Reigns as the big star involved in wrestling. Right now, no one should take any of his teases serious until hard evidence is presented.

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