John Cena Reveals Why He Doesn’t Want a WrestleMania Wedding

March 17, 2018

While speaking to Mike Johnson at the WrestleMania 35 conference on Friday (Elite audio only), John Cena was asked about possibly getting married to Nikki Bella at next year’s WrestleMania at the Metlife stadium. Cena shot down the idea of it taking place because of how often things go wrong during a WWE wedding ceremony.

“I have been asked that question before and I am a statistician guy. Show me the data. Things going wrong during a WWE engagement — point zero, zero, zero, five. Things going wrong during a WWE wedding ceremony, one-hundred percent. So, I think I am going to play the numbers here and quit while I’m ahead.”

As many of you are aware, Cena and Nikki got engaged at last year’s WrestleMania but no official wedding announcement has been announced yet. We will keep you updated once that announcement is made.

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