Jonny Bravo Fails to Present Steroid Evidence Against Roman Reigns

March 17, 2018

Jonny Bravo has finally released his documentary that he’s been hyping for months now that claimed it would have hard evidence against Roman Reigns for the purchase of steroids.

Well as it turns out there was no evidence at all against Reigns. Bravo claimed that Reigns used an alias on another device to purchase the steroids. Bravo said that evidence was on either an iPhone, iPad or another computer that has not yet been released in the court proceedings.

“Some of the evidence I need in order to be one-hundred and ten percent accurate with my findings I am still waiting for. I understand that his is an on-going case and I know that there is some evidence including some devices you have, iPhones, iPads and computers that have not been released in the court proceedings yet but I may need them in order to verify some information. So without that key information there are two cases that I have to say that I can’t verify at this time — one being Mark Wahlberg and the second being Roman Reigns.”

Bravo closed the video by saying once these devices are released, they will be in his possession.

You can watch the documentary below:


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