Jordan Myles def. Boa in the first round of the NXT Breakout Tournament

July 10, 2019

For a third week in a row, the NXT Breakout Tournament yielded two breakout performances from debuting Superstars. This week, speed demon Jordan Myles overcame a hard-edged onslaught by dangerous martial artist-turned-Superstar Boa to advance to the Semifinals, and, for the most part, Myles did it with a smile on his face.

The self-described “Athletic Anime Hero” kept his buoyancy at the outset of the match, while he bounced around Boa with an evasive backflip that preceded a sharp dropkick, but his sunny demeanor turned overcast once Boa started wedging knee strikes into Myles’ ribcage. The Chinese Superstar rattled his more-experienced opponent with Muay Thai techniques and an axe kick that nearly left a hole in Myles’ chest, but he began to show signs of frustration after being unable to put Myles down for the count.

That’s when Myles found his next gear and a smile returned to his face. The Texas native retaliated with a rapid-fire campaign of kicks and unleashed a “Destructo Disc” spinning clothesline in the corner before scoring the pin off a dazzling 450 Splash that he calls “The Midnight Star.”

With the threat of Boa now behind him, Myles looks ahead to battling Mexico’s Angel Garza in the next round.
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