Karl Anderson def. Harper

June 6, 2018
Karl Anderson vs. Harper: SmackDown LIVE, June 5, 2018

Before the SmackDown Tag Team Title Match at WWE Money in the Bank, Karl Anderson takes on Harper of The Bludgeon Brothers in singles competition.

With The Good Brothers’ SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match at WWE Money in the Bank on the horizon, Karl Anderson took on Harper in singles action.

Harper dominated most of the contest, as Rowan and Luke Gallows watched from ringside. However, when Harper missed a crucial sidekick and his leg bounced off the rope, Anderson slipped behind him and rolled him up to get the surprise W.

After the bout, Harper was immediately up and seemingly ready to pounce on Anderson, but The Good Brothers got out of dodge quickly, basking in their victory less than two weeks before their title bout at WWE Money in the Bank.

Article source: WWE.com

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