Lacey Evans def. Brandi Lauren

May 17, 2018

After sucker-punching Kairi Sane two weeks ago, Lacey Evans was full of confidence as she headed into battle against Brandi Lauren. The Lady of NXT dominated Lauren and showboated while doing so, saluting the NXT Universe before nailing Lauren with a picture-perfect second-rope moonsault. Instead of pinning the outgunned Lauren, Evans lifted her to her feet only to drop her again with the punch that Evans calls The Woman’s Right. The result was academic.

As a celebratory Evans exited up the ramp, she was cut off by The Pirate Princess. Looking for retaliation for Evans’ unladylike behavior last week, Sane forced Evans into the ring, but before she could set sail with the InSane Elbow, Evans skirted out of harm’s way and searched for high ground. 

Even though she didn’t land her dagger of an elbow drop, safe to say this round belonged to The Pirate Princess.

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