Candice LeRae slapped Tommaso Ciampa, much to The Blackheart’s delight

May 17, 2018
Candice LeRae doesn't recognize the man Tommaso Ciampa has become: WWE NXT, May 16, 2018

Candice LeRae confronts Tommaso Ciampa over his monstrous behavior. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

ORLANDO, Fla. — The familiar opening chords of “Rebel Heart” opened NXT, but instead of Johnny Gargano making his heroic return, the NXT Universe was greeted by a grinning and gloating Tommaso Ciampa. Noting that he is often reminded of his loss to Johnny Wrestling at TakeOver: New Orleans, “Tommy Sports-Entertainment” told the NXT Universe that while Gargano may have won that battle, Ciampa will always win the war against his former best friend, pointing to Gargano’s current injured state as supporting evidence.

Fed up with Ciampa’s taunts, Candice LeRae interrupted the Superstar who has tormented her and her husband. She declared that Gargano’s career might be in question following Ciampa’s latest heinous attack but added that Ciampa knows that Gargano is the better man. LeRae also said she is done trying to reconcile how The Blackheart turned into such a monster. Ciampa showed no remorse, instead accusing Gargano of hiding behind his wife and saying Johnny Wrestling isn’t half the man that he is. Before The Blackheart could finish his tirade, LeRae finally snapped and slapped him in the face. 

Ciampa backed off, and although the sting of her slap left a red mark on his face, he looked satisfied as he waved goodbye to Candice, perhaps realizing that his diabolical plan to torment the Garganos has played out to perfection.

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