Lars Sullivan attacked Rey Mysterio

April 15, 2019
Lars Sullivan attacked Rey Mysterio

It was a one step forward, one step back for Elias during the Superstar Shake-up. On one hand, The Undertaker didn’t come out and destroy him, which is a positive development for the embattled balladeer. On the other, The Living Truth got interrupted and beaten up again, this time by a Shaken-up Rey Mysterio. That said, at least The Living Truth can say he didn’t suffer the fate that befell Mysterio following their fight.

The Master of the 619 had just begun to bask in his Raw return when Lars Sullivan came calling, confronting the luchador in the latest of his vulgar displays of power. Mysterio kept The Freak guessing by flitting around him during their impromptu fight, but he inadvertently sprinted headlong into the Freak Accident and he didn’t flit anymore after that. Sullivan followed up with a running gut-wrench sit-out powerbomb that was one part punishment for the defiant Mysterio and one part message to the locker room: The only way it gets worse for you when Lars Sullivan shows up is if you try to fight back.
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