Mask vs. Hair at Slammiversary

June 29, 2018

Sami Callihan has pulled off the biggest crime and disrespectful act all at the same time. Callihan went to California and robbed Pentagon Jr. of his mask. The Crist Brothers held Pentagon Jr. helpless against the attack as Sami Callihan ripped the mask off the face of the former World Champion.

What is wrong with Sami Callihan? Pentagon Jr. returned to IMPACT Wrestling and issued the challenge, it is how they do it in Mexico, my mask vs. your hair. It is the ultimate humiliation for either man. Lose and you lose your identity. Sami Callihan has had his long hair his entire career, it means a lot to him, it helps him understand who he is and what he is about, as disturbing as that might be.

Pentagon Jr. is his mask, recently showing us pictures in his cellphone of all the masks in his collection. Pentagon Jr. is very proud of his heritage, his mask and his identity. Not to mention his privacy. Pentagon Jr. can return home each week, take his mask off and lead a normal life.

That may come crashing down on July 22nd at Slammiversary. It is Mask vs. Hair. Pentagon Jr. vs. Sami Callihan live on Pay Per View.

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