Mustafa Ali donates his light-up mask after inspirational Instagram interaction

June 12, 2018

Mustafa Ali’s mission statement has been to “embody the light in a world of darkness,” a sentiment he partially conveys by wearing a light-up mask to the ring. Now, the 205 Live standout is passing that light on to someone fighting a difficult battle.

Five days ago, Ali was tagged in an Instagram post by a longtime fan named Jamie, who suffers from chronic pain, temporary paralysis and severe asthma that require her to wear a vogmask in public to reduce her exposure to pollen. In her post, Jamie thanked Ali for his choice of mask, which bears a strong resemblance to the gear she wears due to her condition.

“I know you hear that #representationmatters when it comes to stuff like ethnicity and seeing prominent women’s roles,” Jamie wrote in her post, “but seeing someone wear something close to the medical equipment I need to function daily gave me a newfound sense of self confidence.”

Her only regret was that Ali’s looked cooler, and “The Heart of 205 Live” responded with a video message in which he agreed to remedy that situation and give Jamie his light-up mask.

“Every now and then we’re reminded that as WWE Superstars, our actions can influence someone far beyond whatever our original intention was. Today is one of those days,” Ali said in a social media post on Monday night. “Let’s do it. Let’s make your vogmask light up.”

After pledging to give Jamie his mask, Ali offered some final thoughts as a sign-off.

“I want you to accept this as a gift from me and hope it serves as a reminder that whenever you’re going through one of your bouts of chronic pain, that someone’s pulling for you. Someone cares about you. And to the rest of the world watching, if you’re ever in the position to help someone, even if it’s a little bit, do it.”

Watch Ali’s powerful message below.

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