No Way Jose def. Baron Corbin

May 1, 2018
No Way Jose def. Baron Corbin

All things considered, the most enduring moment from the Greatest Royal Rumble Match may well have been Titus O’Neil’s accidental, full-steam slide underneath the ring during his entrance. Baron Corbin, who thinks that “to make money, you can’t be funny,” wasn’t quite so impressed. But he learned that being a spoil-sport doesn’t exactly help your win-loss record when The Big Deal came calling during Corbin’s match with No Way Jose.

Having already equated The Dominican Dancing Machine’s conga line with O’Neil’s selfless desire to entertain, Corbin promised an evening no one would laugh at, and he was in the midst of punishing Jose accordingly. The arrival of O’Neil threw The Lone Wolf off his game, and when Titus — clearly taking his viral moment in stride — made a show of falling off the apron, Jose pounced on a smug-looking Corbin with a roll-up. Having apparently successfully played possum, Titus sprang to his feet and conga’d his way back up the ramp with Jose, Apollo Crews and Dana Brooke.

If nothing else, Titus clearly has a good sense of humor about his new viral standing (and, if his new T-shirt is any indication, maybe being funny isn’t such a bad strategy.) In any case, plenty of people were laughing with him at the end of the match. Baron Corbin just wasn’t one of them.

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