Noam Dar def. TJP

July 4, 2018
Noam Dar def. TJP

For weeks, inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Champion TJP has felt disrespected by WWE 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick, believing that he wasn’t receiving high-level opportunities. Furthermore, The Duke of Dab doesn’t believe that his recent opponents have been up to his standard. Still looking for a respectable opponent to complement his in-ring ability, TJP was shocked when his mystery adversary was revealed to be the returning Noam Dar. Sidelined for months with a knee injury, The Scottish Supernova re-emerged during the U.K. Championship Special looking better than ever.

Of course, before the contest, The Cruisergreat was disappointed that the match was not the main event, nor for the Cruiserweight Championship. After TJP completed his tirade, Dar made his way to the ring and immediately got in his opponent’s face. TJP charged forward, but Dar was ready, taking down The Fil-Am Flash with remarkable speed and executing a running knee strike for a quick and impressive victory.

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